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Walnut with Purple epoxy - Board

Walnut with Purple epoxy - Board


One of a kind  Charcuterie board

Material: Walnut + epoxy
Color: Purple

Dimensions: ca. 46x20x2.4cm (18x8x3/4")





  • Description

    Our Unique charcuterie boards are a real eye catcher for your kitchen.

    • made out of black walnut, maple or cherry
    • Localy made in Curaçao
    • Comes with a 2oz tin of wax (100% foodsafe)
    • Oiled up and ready to be used


  • Maintenance

    • Rinse with warm soapy water.
    • Dry promptly.
    • Store on edge.
    • Do not soak or clean in the dishwasher.
    • Do not use in the microwave.
    • To maintain your board: Occasionally apply our wax or mineral oil liberally with a clean, soft cloth.
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